Jacket Design by Stephen Raw

Jacket Design by Stephen Raw

Soul Keeping Company

Published by Carcanet Press, UK
October 2010
Jacket Painting: William Matthew Prior, Boy with Toy Horse and Wagon, c. 1845

Lucie Brock-Broido’s poetry conjures what is half-known, at the limits of experience, in language fierce with a living glitter. The familiar world becomes richly disquieting, edged with danger: mute conjoined twins creating a violent secret world; Emily Dickinson’s enigmatic letters to her 'Master’; a self-portrait of the poet with 'Her Hair on Fire'.

Soul Keeping Company introduces Brock-Broido’s poetry to British readers with generous selections from her three acclaimed collections: A Hunger, The Master Letters and Trouble in Mind.
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Praise for Soul Keeping Company

"Brock-Broido has been described as an 'elliptical' poet, which may or may not be helpful; in reviews, the word that crops up most frequently is 'gorgeous', but what matters most is that this poet, more than any other I can think of, constantly renews our sense of the possibilities of the language we use, not just in our conversations with others, but in the inner dialogues that accompany love, loss, betrayal, self-revelation and grief. Brock-Broido's marriages of the abstract and the concrete, and of the wild and the familiar, not only make things strange (to borrow Seamus Heaney's famous dictum) but also create a sense that this strangeness is more like home than the sorry approximations that convention allows."
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